About Dr. Raymond Rophie

Hello! Welcome to by Blog.

This is how it all started..

I was born and grew up in Mexico City, always an avid PC gamer, programmer, and tech curious, my first PC was in 1993, and from there I managed to fabricate custom PCs that were always cutting edge, then time passed and graduated Dental School in Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico in 2006 as a general dentist, very interested on Aesthetics and technology, I got multiple fellowships and courses such as periodontics, occlusion, implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, in various institutions such as New York University School of Dentistry, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry, MALO clinic course in Portugal, CEREC Doctors in Scottsdale, 3D Dentist with T-Bone in Raleigh, and so on.

In the everyday practice I was Tired of Composites, impressions, free handed implants,  and crowns that were weeks for delivery and countless appointments with the patients, having knowledge but NOT control in my prosthetic restorations and instruments, started my career on digital dentistry web searching for a laser in Dentaltown in 2009, then bought my first CEREC™ by SIRONA™ in 2010, in my dental practice in Mexico City «Smile Creations Center», multi specialities practice that I founded in 2007.  So finally I loved my CEREC and learned every little aspect of the system  managing to do finally successful restorations (when the bluecam or the compact mill worked!!, because at that time, nobody will fix the machine, so it was all about discovering how to make that work well… based on trial and error).

In 2015 I decided that it was time for me as I always have dreamed of, to come home to the beautiful Miami, FL. As soon as I landed, started my business CEREC2U buying a used Bluecam, a MCXL milling machine, and a VITA furnace offering same day restorations to the dental offices in the area, and transformed from being a successful dentist into a totally NEWBIE CEREC dental technician……oh that was TOUGH!, price war was difficult, time was hard, etc… but I knew that i was doing what I loved to do, Dentistry and computers,  for extra income I started giving private courses to new users in CEREC, then I started to get involved in the 3D world ( digital planning, surgical guides, full arch implant supported prosthesis designing all of the above with different softwares like Exocad, Inlab and 3Shape).

With some time doctors will reach out to me for help on the setting up of their new digital equipments at their offices, with questions regarding the softwares and little by little I became a digital dental advisor for many of them with excellent outcome. Some time in to the digital world I saw a position available at Blueskybio, a leading worldwide company with unique benefits in the digital dentistry world and after passing several interviews and procedures I was hired as 1 of the 2 clinical and lab advisors for all their clients around the world.

Today I am proud to say that I help hundreds of dentist in a weekly basis with all the possible questions they might have regarding digital dentistry and I go around many countries in the world extending what I have learned to other dentist by giving public and private lectures.

In my spare time which isn’t that much I enjoy spending time with my wife and 4 kids, doing outdoors activities and enjoying the beautiful South florida. If you are ever around the beautiful and sunny city of Miami don’t hesitate to contact me for some beach time and why not for any digital questions you might have!!!!